Questionnaire for Huangpu District Websites in Foreign Languages

Hello! This questionnaire is in particular sponsored for Huangpu District Websites in Foreign Languages to better serve for foreigners and foreign tourists. We ask you for a few minutes to answer the following questions. Please be assured that all the data will be used for statistics and analysis only. There is no true or false for the following options, please fill in the blanks in accordance with your actual information. Thank you.

1.You come to Shanghai for?
working and living traveling
2.Are you satisfied with the new website of Huangpu District Government?
Yes No
3.if not, please write down what you are dissatisfied with?
4. Usually, you use ________________ to surf on the websites related to the Huangpu District Government?
PC/computer mobile phone
5. What kinds of information do you like to read? (Multi-selected)
plain text information with pictures information with videos information with hyperlinks
6. Please mark the news related to Huangpu that you are most eager to know.
great events or news
convenient facilities surrounding residential areas
information about major scenic spots or activities released by the district government
information released by the district government for investors
information about tourism service (such as hotels, shopping and scenic spots)
7. Other opinions or suggestions?

Personal Information

Contact information:

Male Female
15-23 24-34 35-54 over 55
3.Please mark your education degree.
master degree or above
undergraduate degree
junior college degree
under junior college degree